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Spirits in the Material World

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

There is no political solution

To our troubled evolution Have no faith in constitution There is no bloody revolution

We are spirits in the material world

Are spirits in the material world - Sting (1981). Spirits in the Material World [Lyrics]. Retrieved from

Are you old enough to remember The Police song, "Spirits in the Material World"? It came out in 1981 as a single and was the opening track for their album Ghost in the Machine. It's Jamaican Ska beat and catchy chorus introduce us to the idea that politics alone can't save us.

Our so-called leaders speak

With words, they try to jail ya

They subjugate the meek

But it's the rhetoric of failure - Sting

The song reminds me of a recent dream I had about the spiritual and material world that left me shaken. It portrayed a world where human beings were in a race towards self-destruction because they forfeited the love and friendship of God. In the dream, angels had been dispatched to fly over the face of the Earth to survey humanity. These angelic beings were moved to deep sorrow out of love for God, understanding that His heart was broken because we had all but forgotten him.

We are spirits in the material world Are spirits in the material world Are spirits in the material world Are spirits in the material world - Sting

The dream portrayed an apocalyptic vision, but ts conditions don't seem that far from the state of the modern world or the contemporary Church today. We live in a world where the presence and Truth of God are being replaced by materialism, secularism, and modernism. And Christianity is steadily being substituted by a pop- culture pantheistic notion that the "universe" is a stand-in for God, and all religions are equal paths to salvation.

Where does the answer lie?

Living from day to day

If it's something we can't buy

There must be another way - Sting

The truth is, we are spirits living in the material world. As much as we are flesh and blood, we each have a unique and immortal soul, created for union with God. We can't rely on political and social forces alone to change the world, or to chart our personal evolution.

Where does the answer lie?

There must be another way ...

We can't be propelled forward by our faith in politics or ideologies alone, because they pertain to the natural man, who seeks only human wisdom.

In spite of attempts by leaders to solve problems and conflicts, we need to look beyond our conditions to understand there is no human strategy that can save us.

Political, social and revolutionary change unhinged from a right relationship with God will one day lead mankind to look for a human savior, which will ultimately lead to Antichrist.

In an ironic twist, the same humanity that rejects God incarnated as man in Christ Jesus, will one day cry out for salvation from a human being possessed by Satan.

Think about this.

Sting's lament, There must be a better way, exhorts us to look to the spiritual, not just the material for our salvation.

When we invite Christ into our lives, the only One who has the power to save our eternal souls, and abide in Our Father's tremendous love for us in the present, we can begin to find the better way.

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