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"I do not feel obliged that the same God who endowed us with sense, reason and intellect had intended for us to forego their use." - Galileo

About Us.

The Hawk

Is a 20 something Gen Z who defied the odds by reading copious amounts of books in spite of being raised with screens. A graduate of a major northeastern university with a liberal arts degree, she prides herself in her ability to think critically in spite of the warning labels against it. She enjoys listening to True Crime podcasts, powerlifting and makes the world's best mug cake of all time in the history of ever. 

The Dove 

Is a Gen X wife & mother who practices the Catholic faith to the best of her ability, while working as a mental health professional by day, and tries desperately to catch up on her book of the month club by night. She likes all things Medieval including the British mystery television series Cadfael, the Cloisters Museum in NYC and above all the Unicorn Tapestries there. She dreams of making a pilgrimage someday soon.

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